Black bear spotted in Anson County

August 27, 2013

The Anson County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous calls recently regarding a large black bear in the area of N.C. 742 North and Winfield Road and other areas in north and east of Wadesboro.

Sheriff Tommy Allen said that reports of the bear have been numerous the past few days and a couple of weeks ago there were similar calls of a bear in that general area. Sheriff Allen said that he has talked to both state and federal wildlife officers and has been advised by them that there is actually little can be done but to advise the public not to approach the bear. The bear is likely passing through and will eventually do so.

J.D. Bricken, manager of the Federal Wildlife Preserve in Ansonville, said that the black bear’s territory has been expanding from both from the east and west, and black bears are being seen in Anson County more often now and this will likely continue or even increase over the years to come.

Both Sheriff Allen and Bricken also advise that it is illegal to shoot a bear in Anson County unless someone’s life is in danger. It is rare for a black bear to attack people. Loud noises tend to scare them away. Mother bears with cubs can be aggressive but no cubs have been seen. They could be a nuisance to farmers with small live stock or turkey or chicken houses but again that is rare.

If you have questions regarding bears, please call the Federal Wildlife office in Ansonville at 704-694-4424 or NC State Biologist, Ruppert Medford at 910-571-9747. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to log and monitor reports of sightings but may not dispatch deputies unless public safety is threatened.