Morven Elementary School celebrates Million Father March

August 28, 2013

On Aug. 26, Morven Elementary School celebrated the annual Million Father March for the first time. In more than 600 cities, fathers across America took their children to their first day of school, including MES.

Dr. J. Allen, principal of Morven Elementary School, encouraged fathers to get involved as much as possible and opened her educational arms for help and guidance at any time to the fathers in attendance. Guidance counselor Juanita Webster provided fathers with reading materials that will help them get better involved in their children’s education.

The march intends to encourage fathers and men to take children back to school and become involved beyond the first day of classes, said Phillip Jackson, executive director for the Black Star Project, which puts on the march each year.

Some great fathers that were in attendance For the Million Father March were: Leon Gatewood (H.O.L.L.A!), a man who has been a great mentor for the children of Anson County. Gatewood provides many free services that help build self-esteem and and good character. The H.O.L.L.A! center, located in Morven, welcomes children, parents, volunteers, and community support services with eager arms to help them broaden their awareness of educational, physical, and mental health opportunities around the world. Also in attendance were: Dr. S.C. Webster (Missionary Baptist Church), a pastor of quietness, who mentors the youth on spiritual awareness of becoming a man of dignity and respect, and William Polk Sr. (M-Pact Football Team), a young man who tries to help young men ages 18 and over to develop better health, social skills, and job readiness.

Johnny Byrd (Edwards Wood Products) is a proud father that is striving to make his three sons strong productive men in the revolving society in years to come. Rev. Anthony D. Hall (Pastor) not only a proud father but a prouder grandfather that exemplifies the best characters of a man bringing up his grandchildren to become productive, well respected gentlemen. Many other great fathers were in attendance that made this Million Father March a success.

The Million Father March, which began in a church basement on Chicago’s South Side, is now a national event scheduled in 610 cities across the country.