Harvest Ministries celebrates Anson M-Pact

September 19, 2013

Last Sunday, Harvest Ministries Outreach Center presented M-Pact Sunday. The day was designed to acknowledge, recognize, and support the new semi-pro football team, the Anson M-Pact.

Pastor Steve Adams presented the founder and CEO of M-Pact, William Polk Sr. with a plaque recognizing his development and organization of the team for this its inaugural season. Adams also recognized the 60-plus members that make up Team M-Pact with a special video presentation and a photo collage for each player.

To conclude the day, Adams spoke to the crowd about “the fight” in his sermon for the day. Guests were encouraged to not give up too soon, keep the faith, and believe that if God said it, it shall come to pass.

Adams summed up the special day: “This team is something for this county,” he said. “It gives young men an opportunity to have a focus, a family to be a part of, and above all, it lets those around us know that Anson County can have, do and enjoy the same activities and events as anybody else.”

Adams stressed the importance of support. “Support this county: support those who are trying to make a difference, those who are trying to bring things here, those who are willing to take the risk so that others can enjoy the rewards.”

For information on how to support, donate resources for, or attend games of Team M-Pact, contact William Polk at 980-213-8550. Donations are needed.

Adams and the programs of HMOC can be reached at 704-695-2879 or