Candidates speak out at forum

Imari Scarbrough Staff Writer

October 21, 2013

Several candidates for the municipal elections met at the Hampton B. Allen Library on Sunday evening for a candidate meet and greet with constituents.

Candidates provided information about themselves and their platforms before answering questions from the audience. Most identified economic development as priorities they would address if elected.

Dr. Bernice Bennett is running for Lilesville commissioner. “What I want to do is be a service to everybody,” she said.

Peggy Treadaway is also running for Lilesville commissioner. “I’ve been in Anson County all of my life,” she said. “I want to see the council move forward. I do have some concerns with the town; for example, we have no senior center. I’d like to see us get one. And if Morven can get a dollar store, why can’t Lilesville? Also, many in Lilesville have no transportation, so I want to work to help them.”

Current Morven council member Marjorie Cole is running for re-election. “As I’ve served, I’ve seen a lot of good things happen and look forward to better things in the future,” she said. Cole said that her priorities will include working on lowering the crime rate, adding police officers, lowering the water bills and increasing economic development, including bringing a Walmart to Morven.

Tammy King is running for mayor of Polkton. “I’ve lived in Polkton my whole life,” she said. “We have a strong town council, and I see a lot of potential for the town… I want to do what is best for this town.”

Bobby Usrey is running for re-election on the Wadesboro Town Council. Usrey is a lifelong resident of Anson County and has been committed to government service and law enforcement. “I feel that Wadesboro is on the edge of good things happening,” he said. “We have an energetic town manager, and our board sometimes differs on issues, but we lay our feelings out and discuss and research issues. I think any vote we’ve taken is what the citizens would want us to do to improve Wadesboro… I’ve enjoyed serving the past four years and look forward to at least four more.”

Fred Davis is also running for re-election on the Wadesboro council. “I fight for all people,” he said. “We have a great working relationship with the county.” He listed several council accomplishments. “We’ve received funds to demolish 15 houses. On Willis, Center and Barnes streets, we’re looking at fixing the sewer lines, We’re also working on the water infrastructure uptown… I enjoy what I do, but most of all, I enjoy serving people: all people.”

James David Lee is another Wadesboro councilman running for re-election. “I look forward to serving in the future because Wadesboro is growing. I want to see a beautiful police department, fire department and town hall building. We already got the demolition quote. I can envision it. I don’t like to spend money patching, but to build new. I want to grow as a town.”

Rick Beam is running for the Wadesboro Town Council and said he never had political aspirations until some friends encouraged him to run for office. He hopes to improve the town to increase tourism. “I don’t want to see people speed up to get out of Wadesboro, but stop and stay for a few hours,” he said. “We can’t be stagnant. We have to grow. I’ve seen some things change here, but I’d like to see everything change positively.”

Kenneth Spencer is also running for the Wadesboro council. “I love the county and see the potential to have great things,” he said. He told of his vision: “I want it to come to have one mind, one body, and one spirit. This county has come a long way and still has a long way to go. Help me help you.”

Harold Skipper is also running for a position on the Wadesboro council. He identified several goals, including working on the town budget, making the council more business-friendly, and having a better community relationship. “We need to be more friendly among citizens when they come,” he said.

Although she was unable to attend the group event, Priscilla Nunn is holding a personal meet-and-greet on Nov. 1 at 4 p.m. at 114 E. Wade St. Nunn is a first-time candidate for the Wadesboro council.