Anson County deputy resigns after racial slur

Abby Cavenaugh Editor

December 2, 2013

An Anson County Sheriff’s deputy resigned last week after using a racial slur on the police radio.

The incident occurred Nov. 23 around 11:30 p.m., when the officer answered a disturbance call at a trailer park in the southern end of the county, Anson County Sheriff Tommy Allen said. The officer was calling for help.

Sheriff Allen said the deputy resigned Nov. 26, following an internal investigation. “We have zero tolerance for that,” the sheriff said. He would not identify the officer, nor will he release the recording of the call. “I see no redeeming quality in releasing that,” he said.

The sheriff did say that the deputy was young, and had been on the job less than three months.

“There was absolutely nothing in this officer’s background that would have indicated something like this could happen,” Allen said. “He has been an exemplary and model officer up to this point. But this is something where we have zero tolerance.”