Anson Crisis Ministry holds appreciation banquet

January 19, 2014

Sounds of laughter and the aroma of hickory-cooked barbecue filled the dining room of the First Baptist Church on Thursday for the Anson Crisis Ministry Volunteer Appreciation Banquet. The event was held to specifically express appreciation for the many hours the 10 volunteers had worked during 2013. Although there have been many temporary volunteers during 2013, these faithful 10 continue to be loyal and true. Tom Bricker welcomed volunteers, guests and board members before introducing angels unaware.

Entertainment for the evening, which proved to be an evening of pure laughter, was delivered by a Heavenly Host of Angels. Dressed with various gold jewelry and beautiful white array, the angels, unbelievably, reside in the Wadesboro area. They shared with the group their unusual experiences, while adding a bit of music to enhance their stories. Angels were Bunk Hill, Hannah Powell, Libby Moore, Julie Jenkins, Ellen Goodwin, Sybil Almond, Jewel Jones and Marlene Crawford.

A delicious meal, served buffet-style, consisted of freshly shredded pork barbecue, barbecue chicken, baked beans, slaw, and rolls prepared by head cook Tom Bricker. Board members Larry Oakes, Bob Garris and Bill Clark assisted Bricker with the preparation of the food. The ladies of the Crisis Ministry Board provided various homemade desserts to finish the course.

Crisis Ministry director Ann James presented award certificates to Carol Wood, David Stroupe, Gwen Patrick, Janice Cassidy, Margaret Little, Martha Maye, Minnie Spencer, Nita Hildreth and Loretta Nagel. Absent from the banquet was weekly volunteer Becky Allen from the Burnsville area. James shared comical characteristics about each volunteer as they received their certificates.

Board chair Tom Bricker then brought the evening to a more serious note by personally expressing his gratefulness and wonder of the many hours the volunteers were willing to give to the Ministry. Board members Reva Evans and Bob Garris also shared with the group their appreciation and respect for the unselfish hours they donate to the Ministry.

Board member Larry Oakes ended the evening activities with a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude for the volunteers and the board’s desire for a blessing upon each volunteer.