AMS boys and girls win final home games by landslides

Imari Scarbrough

January 24, 2014

Anson Middle School hosted its final home basketball game of the season last Wednesday, with both the boys and the girls winning by a landslide against Rohanen Middle School.


The girls made only one point in the first quarter, but 11 in the second quarter. By the end of the third quarter, the Cats were ahead 19-11. The Rebels only gained a few points while the Cats pulled far ahead, ending the game 32-15.

Destiny Robinson (#21) made 15 points. Patience Marshall (#15) made 9, Taylor Austin (#10) made 5, Cydney Livingston (#22) made 2, and Jordan Sikes (#24) made 1 point.


The boys began the first quarter with a strong 13-2. They doubled their points in the second quarter, far past the Rebels, making baskets even in the final seconds to end the quarter 26-6.

The Cats did just as well in the third quarter, ending it 40-11. Although each team only made a few points in the final quarter, the Cats were far enough ahead to win with a huge 44-17.

Zavian Little (#12) made six points. Nigel Bivens (#22) made four and Adafe Price (#11) made three points. Malcolm Murray (#31), Terry Smith (#82), and Brice Carpenter (#13) all made two points. Octavian Harrell (#23), Dvonne Tyson (#24) and Kameron Rorie (#10) all made one point.