Anson citizens should come together

February 14, 2014

Dear Editor,

“Every kingdom divided itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand,” says Matthew 12:25.

We, as citizens of Anson County, need like never before to come together and pray, converse, and listen and discuss each other’s problems. I woke up out of my sleep again and I know God is dealing with me for us as a people of many creeds need to come together for the good of us all.

There are so many issues that it will take all of our leaders, black, white, blue and green, etc. I figured out why we have not come together at Bible Study. It is the devil’s plan for us to fail and he is winning by keeping us apart. So it is up to the Christian saints to pool together for the common good of us all. Fast and pray in that order and move forward in a godly manner to do His will. Abstain from sin, fornication and the sins of this world so that we can hear from heaven. God is calling all of His people together to do His will at this appointed time and at this specific moment.

So please do not take this letter lightly. Let us come together and pray together because just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we should all have a dream, a dream to continue the work of Dr. King and God Almighty left for us as a people with many names, classes and colors to come together to help one another. And that is how I believe we will only move forward is through uniting for that perfect peace, just like God and Martin Luther King Jr. Please come together. If not for me, do it for your children and your grandchildren.

Carolyn M. Morman