Anson Co. elections board aims to increase municipal voting

By: By Natalie Davis -

The Anson CountyBoard of Elections has a goal to increase the voter turnout in all municipal elections this year.

“Goals are to have a turnout of 8-10 percent, at least in town elections, and normally we stay around 4-6 percent, which is not a high number,” said Steve Adams, county elections director. To meet that goal, Adams said there needs to be “more awareness and publicity on what is available and where this year.”

Records with the U.S. Census Bureau show that the population of Anson County is 25, 448, and only 19.5 percent are under 18 years of age. That leaves roughly 20,000 that are able to vote.

Adams said that Anson County has a voter registration of 17,209, adding that the Board of Elections, along with others in the community, work throughout the year to increase voting.

“Voter registration drives are conducted year-round at high schools and community colleges,” Adams said. Potential voters are also given the option to register when visiting other state or county agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Services or the Health Department.

According to county voting statistics, only 660 people voted in 2015. That year, Wadesboro had a population of 5,522, but only 285 people voted; Morven had a population of 463, with a voting count of 107; Lilesville had a population of 505, with 81 voting in the town election; Peachland and Polkton had populations of 413 and 3,458, with voter amounts of only 46 and 57, respectively.

However, last year’s presidential election brought out 10,484 voters.

“Non-presidential years seem to bring a decrease, due to fewer voters in city limits,” Adams said. “To increase participation, more word will go out on what elections are available to what towns in odd-numbered years.”

Oct. 13 is the last day to register to vote.

“There will not be early voting for any town elections this year, and no absentee by mail voting either,” Adams said. The towns have opted out of early and absentee voting this year.

“However,” he added, “Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, and all those who reside in the city limits of said towns, and are registered voters, are eligible to vote in their town election.”

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Adams: Awareness and publicity are key to increase

By Natalie Davis