Voter sign-in going digital this year

By: By Natalie Davis -
Steve Adams

The Anson County Board of Elections has gotten rid of the registration book and is starting a new sign-in process using laptops this voting season.

Steve Adams, elections director, said that they are not using a specific laptop, but they have simply loaded the state On Site Voter Registration Database software.

“Voters will no longer have to be looked up through a large registration book — which takes time to go through pages,” Adams said. “Now, at the click of a mouse, they can be searched and processed to vote.

Adams also said that there will be quicker voter processing, and voters should not expect long lines.

“We feel this is a great use of technology for Anson County to use up-to-date methods to serve voters,” he said.

Adams said that at the training sessions conducted this month, precinct officials were able to use the new laptops, and learn the OVRD program. He also said that the process after signing in has not changed.

“The only difference is voters will check in at a laptop instead of a paper notebook,” he said. “Precinct officials will look the voters name up, confirm the correct voter and issue a ballot.”

Curbside voters will follow the same process, according to Adams. However, a precinct official will assist them at their vehicle, then take the necessary signed document inside to a laptop for processing.

“It is always the goal of the board members of the Anson BOE to provide the most efficient and productive service to the voters of Anson County,” Adams said, adding that the use of this technology will do just that.

“The board would like to thank the Anson County Commissioners for their support in acquiring the laptops, and other needed items to make this a smooth transition, and better process for the citizens of Anson County,” he said.

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Adams: New laptops will speed up voting process

By Natalie Davis