Nichols joins Record staff as advertising rep

By: By Natalie Davis -

The Anson Record has gained a new sales representative, Erica Nichols.

Nichols, originally from Richmond County, has worked in the automotive industry since she was 18 years old.

She moved to Anson County two years ago, and is a single mother of two boys.

“I hope to grow the Anson Record back to what it used to be by becoming more familiar with businesses, and hopefully gain a personal relationship with the people,” Nichols said. “I will serve the community the best I can.”

Nichols said that she is willing and ready to get into this new career.

“My previous job and this job are alike in many ways such as working with many different types of people, and just making sure your customers are happy,” she said.

She has been working in the advertising department of the Record for a month and said she enjoys it.

She also said that she’s noticed that everybody knows everybody in Wadesboro.

“It gives me the opportunity to meet some amazing people,” she said. “I’ve learned so much about the Anson community and I look forward to connecting with even more.”

Nichols said that her love for the community is what drives her in the sales department.

“I want to become more involved with the community as a whole, and also with different individuals,” Nichols said.


By Natalie Davis