Cosmos donates to Harvest Ministries before closing

By: Staff Report

Before closing its doors, Cosmos of Wadesboro owner Maecha Davenport and her family contacted Pastors Tim and Steve Adams of Harvest Ministries with a proposition: a donation of clothing and supplies for people in need.

“Since Harvest Ministries does so much for Anson County and others, Cosmos would like to donate hundreds of articles of clothing and supplies to bless those in need,” she said.

Harvest Ministries, which exists to serve the community, quickly responded with an emphatic “yes.” Both pastors didn’t realize was the size and scope of the blessing.

“The heart and compassion of the owners to give so generously will allow Harvest Ministries the opportunity to bless many people and families throughout our region,” said the elder Adams, with tears in his eyes.

Davenport and her daughter, Donna, arranged for Harvest to come and pick up the items.

“Special and grateful thanks to Maecha, her daughter Donna, and Cosmos for their heart of compassion and generosity shown by this gift,” Steve Adams said.

He added thanks to Angelo Cason, D’Angelo Cason, Joshua Jackson, Norris McDonald and Cameron Price who volunteered and braved the heat to help transport the donation.

“The greatest testimony of this partnership will be that thousands of people across this region who are hurting, lacking, and have falling on hard times, will be able to put a smile on their face because of the giving spirit of these fine folks,” the younger Adams said.

After has everything organized, a day will be announced when Anson County residents in need “can be blessed.”

Harvest Ministries can be reached at 704-695-2879.


Staff Report