Proposed $29.9M county budget maintains current tax rate

By: By Natalie Davis - The Anson Record
Anson County Manager, Barron Monroe -

Anson County manager Barron Monroe recently gave residents a rundown of things to come during the 2019-20 county budget public hearing.

“It is my pleasure to present this to you, the board of commissioners, and to you, the public,” Monroe said on Tuesday June 4.

The proposed budget totals $29,924,334 and maintains the current tax rate of $0.777 per $100 of valuation. It also reflects the 0.67 percent increase in the prior fiscal year’s recommended budget.

Monroe said the recommended budget to the board includes the four areas it decided to focus on for the upcoming years. The board will focus on the internal area of operation efficiency and effectiveness; the external area of economic development, quality of life, and education.

“When you look at the budget message, and you look at the investments that we are going to be making, we want to focus on those strategic areas,” he said.

Monroe highlighted the areas where monies have been budgeted:

  • A cost of living adjustment raise of 5 percent for employees.
  • Increased contributions to Anson County Schools and South Piedmont Community College, each by 8 percent to $200,000. Each of these are through Article 524 sales tax.
  • Increased contribution to the Anson Economic Development Partnership by 8 percent to $200,000; $85,000 for a comprehensive land-use plan as a precursor to county-wide zoning; and an update to the county website.
  • $200,000 for financial and tax software; $40,000 for laptops at the Department of Social Services; $10,000 for computers at the Health Department; a cardiac monitor for the emergency medical services; and $2,800 for laptops for provisional voting at three districts.
  • $99,170 for local government retirement contribution, a required increase by the state to the retirement system for all employees; $23,000 to establish a part-time litter pickup program; $7,800 in costs for employee assistance program for all employees; $2,400 for downtown parking at the corner of Wade and Rutherford streets; increased funding to the Forestry Service; and maintained funding to the Sandhills Center.

Lula Jackson, director of DSS, was the only speaker during the public hearing, and brought her concerns of where the budget stands with the DSS project. The proposed budget does not include the rennovations for the new Department of Social Services location; but will be included by a budget ammendment after Dec. 31.

A second public hearing on the proposed county budget will be held at a later date.

Anson County Manager, Barron Monroe County Manager, Barron Monroe

By Natalie Davis

The Anson Record