Opportunity Scholarship changed kids’ lives

To the editor:

Regardless of our views on Election 2016, we can surely agree on this: all children deserve a quality education. But we must do more to make sure they get it. For more and more families, this goal is already becoming reality through the Opportunity Scholarship Program. This state-funded scholarship has given my own children a chance to attend Tabernacle Christian School.

Before enrolling at Tabernacle Christian School, my children struggled at their public school. They needed individualized instruction, but their public school was unable to provide it. The school culture was not inclusive and they did not feel accepted by their peers.

Now, my children love their school. They have grown academically and socially. They feel challenged by their schoolwork and supported by their teachers. They love learning!

We are where we are because of opportunity and without the Opportunity Scholarship, my children would not be able to attend Tabernacle Christian School. There are many other families like mine across the state and I want them to know about the program that I learned about through Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina. I want to tell these families that the Opportunity Scholarship can change their children’s lives for the better. My family is proof!

Lisa Smothers