Theater production is well worth taking time to see

Pn Saturday, July 13, my wife Jacque and I were privileged to enjoy the ENCORE Theatre production of “Over the River and Through the Woods.” I write this both to thank the theater folk and to encourage your readers to make an effort to get to this production.

The play itself is a well-written and sensitive piece of Americana, full of both humor and pathos. At the same time, the performers do a wonderful job of capturing the conflicts of the plot and the differing personalities of the characters. Gary Gallman is to be congratulated for his direction, and kudos extended to Fritz and Jamie Barnes, Bob Dyer, Brenda Gilbert, Allen Johnson, and Ruth Ann Harris for their performances.

Laurinburg is indeed fortunate to have such opportunities available. I write to encourage everyone to take advantage of this one.

Sincerely yours,

Mac Doubles