Drawing a parallel between ‘Sound of Music’ and impeachment hearing

I watched the impeachment hearings. I heard the indisputable testimony of patriotic professionals whose integrity had never been questioned, and who had never been insultingly criticized until they told the truth about political corruption. I was shocked at the rancor of those who could not refute their truthful message, so angrily attacked the messengers.

The following Sunday night, I watched “The Sound of Music” on ABC, the story of a naval commander who dearly loved his nation, appreciated its form of government, and resisted his fellow citizens’ yield to takeover by a dictator.

Although the motion picture was filmed for entertainment, it was based on an actual historical event, and the anger in the voices of the actors who so effectively portrayed the traitors willing to turn their nation over to a dictator was sadly reminiscent of the anger I heard in the voices of those who attacked the truthful witnesses in the impeachment hearings, when they could not refute their testimony.

Robert C. Currie Jr.