Changes coming to police department fleet

By: By Natalie Davis -

The Wadesboro Police Department got approval from the town council to receive two new vehicles and to sell six of their older ones.

“They will be used for the patrol division, our older cars are getting higher mileage and repairs can be costly,” Chief Thedis Spencer said, adding that downsizing the fleet will be cost efficient for the taxpayers.

The estimated costs for the new vehicles is $58,988.79, which includes the purchase of the vehicles, tags, titles, taxes, and the equipment and graphics needed.

Of the six to be sold, Spencer said three are from the patrol division and the others are from the detective division.

“These six vehicles have either more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, or have suffered expensive and major mechanical issues,” he said.

In the meeting, Spencer and Hugh James, Wadesboro’s public utilities director, expressed concern for the amount of money being spent to repair the vehicles.

Spencer made the council aware of the plans that he had for the new and remaining vehicles.

According to the email, the fleet will consists of 15 vehicles for the 24 officers with around-the-clock duties, but two of those vehicles cannot be moved around in other areas.

There are two patrol vehicles reserved specifically for the “School Resource Officers that are assigned to the school and cannot interchange with other patrol vehicles,” Spencer said.

According to the chief, these changes will both change and improve the department and what it does for the community.

“(We can give) better service to our citizens, officers’ morale will increase, and repair costs (will decrease) for older vehicles within our fleet,” Spencer said.

Spencer said that he was very proud of the council, because they have to make tough decision, because of prioritization.

“They aim to take into account the views of all sections of the community,” he said, “because of their selflessness, integrity, objective, accountability, openness, honestly and their leadership.”

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By Natalie Davis