Municipal election left most candidates in their positions

By: By Natalie Davis - The Anson Record

Residents rallied at the polls for the Nov. 5 election, which left most candidates in their respective position.

The municipal election brought 1,030 voters out to fill their town’s open positions.

Bill Thacker remains Wadesboro’s mayor with 82.89% of the votes. While Thacker obtained 436 votes, Mitchell Huntley gained 63, and Terry Helms gained 22.

John Irvin Ballard Jr. keeps his seat on the Wadesboro Town Council with 31.30% of votes, while newcomer, Lewis Evans won the second seat with 24.13%. Their numbers were 297 and 229, respectively.

Jo Ann Bennett trailed with 193 votes, Judy H. Little with 129 and Amanda Moak with 99 votes.

Tim Watkins is the new mayor of Morven with 82 votes, 66.67%, while Carolyn Solomon gained 41 votes.

There were two seats available on Morven Town Council, which are now filled by Brandon Smith with 71 votes at 36.22%, and Corinthia Lewis Lemon with 55 or 28.06%.

Linda (Pill) Hinson gained 46 votes, and former Morven Mayor Theodore Carr earned just 24 votes.

Cynthia Williams is Polkton mayor with 53 votes at 58.89%, while Minnie P. Staton gained 37 votes.

Four of the five seats on the Polkton Commissioners board were filed by Sissy Stegall who gained 59 votes, Jimmy Hildreth who gained 58, and both Cindy Heafner and Johnny Faulk gained 54 votes each.

Current mayors Richard Allen, Richard Harrington, Diane Timmons, and Joe Estridge Jr., were the only ones who filed for the Peachland, Lilesville, McFarlan, and Ansonville seats.

The unopposed candidates gained 47, 95, 22, and 49 votes respectively, and will remain mayor of their towns.

Jeffrey Davis and Betty Hasty won the two available seats on the Peachland council, with 38 and 44 votes, respectively, while Kenneth Rowell Jr. earned 15 votes.

Bernice Bennett, John Lester Montgomery, Lewis Adams, Juanita Williams, and Steven Whitlock won the five seats available for Lilesville Commissioners with 86, 81, 72, 63 and 54 votes.

Candidates, Frank McAllister gained 22 votes, Peggy Treadaway gained 47 votes, and Chuck Cook gained 48 votes.

McFarlan council’s five seats are being filled by Gail J. Whittington with 20 votes, Jimmy Grubb and Debbie Bryant each gained 19 votes, Kim Gainey with 14 votes, and Michael Foster with 13 votes. Christopher Harney earned 10 votes.

Ansonville’s five town council seats were won by Denise Watkins Cannon with 50 votes, Sarah E. Burns with 47, Jesse T. Huntley with 45, Phyllis Watkins with 42, and Kimberly Burr with 37 votes.

By Natalie Davis

The Anson Record