Net neutrality’s demise is not the ‘end of the internet’

By: Judd Weiss - Guest columnist

The hysterical frenzy over net neutrality is an embarrassment of our day, demonstrating that it is still possible in our modern era to whip people into hysteria over vague confusion.

It is the net neutrality advocates who are the threat to a free and open internet. They want to bring the distracting regulatory and legal burden of government to our thriving internet, due to theories of a hypothetical boogeyman: unchained business. The same unchained businesses that built this internet.

Net neutrality advocates want to chain the hands that feed us. It doesn’t work. It never worked for socialist countries. Replace the word “neutrality” with “equality” and you’ll understand what this is all about. This is just leftover socialist ideology.

This ideological battle between individual freedom and collective socialism has been going on for generations, and it’s embarrassing that we’re still fighting this battle today over the internet.

When they tell you we need to impose regulation to keep the internet free, tell them we need to prevent regulation to keep the internet free.

Advocates for net neutrality have virtually no respect for the massive resources and effort it takes to build out and improve our internet access. Making these difficult board room decisions to improve internet access even more difficult and less attractive isn’t helping any of us.

There’s a much easier solution to put a check on a hypothetical abuse of power by the internet service providers: remove ISP monopoly privileges

That’s it. The ISPs won’t like that, but that is the right battle to have. Every problem with ISPs is due to their purchased regional monopolies guaranteed by government.

Government power is the problem. More government power isn’t the solution.

I’m so glad to see a government official actually just stripped his own agency of power. Massive respect to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for doing that, while standing up to an insane irrational backlash from ideological tech journalists. This is now something I can actually give Trump credit for. Reducing the strangling regulations hampering our economy.

I wrote an article about net neutrality back in 2010, and it still holds up today.

All of those people hysterically mourning the “death of the internet” today should actually be cheering the removal of great burden to our future progress.

Net neutrality is dead. Now let’s get back to rapid permission-less innovation.

Judd Weiss is a photographer and former candidate for vice president on the Libertarian ticket.

Judd Weiss

Guest columnist