Marshall gets full ride to Campbell

By: By Natalie Davis -
Natalie Davis | Anson Record Patience Marshall, with parents, Derwin and Rhonda Marshall, received a full scholarship to Campbell University.

Patience Marshall, a senior at Anson High School, was offered a full scholarship to Campbell University for track and field.

Marshall has received many accolades, including being a three-time state contender, placing 3rd, 3rd and 2nd in shot put, discus, and shot put again consecutively each year.

She is also a three-time MVP, 3-time conference champion, three-time 3A regional champion, Southern Carolina Conference Field Athlete of the Year, and the Southern Carolina Conference shot put and discus record holder.

“I would love to put Campbell’s throws program on the map,” Marshall said. “To do this, I would have to place in the conference championships, advance to nationals, and so on.”

Marshall said that she was excited when she was offered a full scholarship.

“I agreed to this offer due to the fact that Coach (Jeff) Klaves is willing to use me to help build Campbell’s throws program,” Marshall said. “He is going to use my name to attract other great throwers to the program.”

Marshall said that other aspects that made her accept included: the campus safety, a small student-teacher ratio, a great education, and the school is an overall great fit for her. She also said that her acceptance is a win for both her, and the coach at Campbell.

“Knowing that I will be able to graduate from school with a zero balance is a blessing,” Marshall said. “This also takes a load off of my parents financially; and they can use their money to invest in my other siblings or the things they want.”

Marshall’s praents, Derwin and Rhonda Marshall, said that they realized that their daughter was an athlete when she was around 4 years old. They also said that they could see potential when she would play with her older siblings.

Marshall’s parents said they decided to sign her up for different sports through Anson Parks and Recreation, but basketball is where she really stood out.

Marshall played with her brothers often, and she began to get good from repetition. She also participated in a lot of basketball camps, which helped develop her skill.

Marshall said that she had huge dreams of playing basketball in college and in the professional level, and worked on her craft for many years.

“I played AAU basketball for exposure,” Marshall said. “I played in front of tons of college scouts, but I never gained anybody interest.”

Although Marshall had played basketball most of her life, she eventually turned her focus in another direction.

“During her eighth-grade year at Anson Middle School, Coach James Wall started a summer track program, and that’s when we discovered she was a natural at the shot put,” Derwin Marshall said.

“I’ve been getting interest letters since the end of my ninth-grade track and field season, which was the start of my track and field career,” Marshall said. “I am currently working on my craft, and I hope to improve this year.”

This summer, she decided to focus only on track and field, because she knew that it is where the money was.

Even though Marshall has received a full scholarship, she is still pushing toward completing more athletic goals, including winning two state championships.

“My parents were very excited, and of course they were trying to steer me towards taking this offer over the others, because the others were partial,” Marshall said.

“Sending our children to college is top priority,” Derwin Marshall said. “The offer just makes it so much sweeter for us and her.”

He added that, as parents, they would like to thank Patience for working hard, and using her gifts to pay her way forward.

“We thank all teachers and coaches throughout her school years. Whether good or bad, they contributed to her growth,” he said. “Sometimes hurt fuels the athlete.”

He also said that they thank Coach James Wall, because a lot of coaches wouldn’t put in the extra time.

“He stayed late after practice, worked with her on Saturday mornings, and always encouraged and pushed her to be great,” D. Marshall said.

“First off, I will like to thank God for this blessing, because He gave me the ability and skill to excel in this sport,” Marshall said, adding she also had coaches that she wanted to thank for helping her reach this milestone in her athletic career.

“Thanks to Coach Wall for taking time out of your busy schedule to work on technique,” she said. “Thanks to Coach Shelton Harrison for taking me in, showing me the correct way and going over the meticulous things that will help me throw farther.”

Marshall said she also thank Coach Carter for the connections, because without his connection to Coach Klaves, she probably wouldn’t be in the position she is in today.

“Also, I would like to thank Coach Helf of UNC-Charlotte, Coach Price of East Carolina University, and Coach McDaniel of Western Carolina University, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your track and field teams,” Marshall said. “Lastly, I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout this process.”

Natalie Davis | Anson Record Patience Marshall, with parents, Derwin and Rhonda Marshall, received a full scholarship to Campbell University. Davis | Anson Record Patience Marshall, with parents, Derwin and Rhonda Marshall, received a full scholarship to Campbell University.

By Natalie Davis