Channel rescans happening over the next two years

By: By Jasmine Hager - For the Daily Journal

Starting Wednesday, viewers who watch TV with an antenna will need to rescan their channels due to an auction held by the Federal Communications Commission. More than 1,000 TV stations must move frequencies to make room for wireless internet carriers.

No new equipment purchases are needed and the steps for rescanning channels are simple: select “scan” or “autotune” from your TV or converter box control menu to start the process. More instructions can be found on the “set-up” or “menu” buttons on the remote.

Viewers who subscribe to cable or satellite television will not have to rescan their TVs manually. Their service providers will do the scan for them.

Steve Gardner, spokesperson for TVAnswers, said there isn’t a deadline for when the channels should be rescanned, but stressed the importance so that your TV can find the channel after the frequency changes.

Channel scans are broken into 10 phases and will happen over the next two years. The following Charlotte market stations will rescan on the following dates:

Rescan Day: June 6, 2018

Station: WMYT-TV – My Network TV 55

This channel has two rescan dates. The first rescan will take place on June 6, 2018. Stay tuned to this channel for the second rescan date.

Timeframe: Phase 5: Aug. 3, 2019 – Sept. 6, 2019

Station: W21CK-D – Independent 15

Station: WAXN-TV – Independent 64

Station: WCCB – CW Television Network 18

Station: WCNC-TV – NBC 36

Station: WGTB-CD – The Walk TV 28

Station: WHKY-TV – Independent 14

Station: WJZY – FOX 46

Station: WSOC-TV – ABC 9

Station: WNSC-TV – Public Television 30

Station: WUNG-TV – Public Television 58

Station: WUNE-TV – PBS Explorer Network 17

Timeframe: Phase 10: May 2-July 3, 2020

Station: WTVI – Public Television 42

By Jasmine Hager

For the Daily Journal