Howard McLean named Superintendent of Anson County Schools

Charles Wood Staff Writer

				                                Howard McLean is the new Superintendent of Anson County Schools.

Howard McLean is the new Superintendent of Anson County Schools.

WADESBORO — Howard E. McLean was sworn in as Superintendent of Anson County Schools during a special meeting of the Board of Education held on Thursday, May 28.

The Masonboro Group was chosen by the Anson County Board of Education to conduct the search for superintendent candidates to replace Michael Freeman, who retired May, 31. They identified 17 potential candidates and then provided the Board with the six highest quality candidates for interviews and consideration.

“After the interviews, it was apparent that the best candidate for Anson County Schools Superintendent was our own Howard E.McLean,” said Board of Education Chairperson, Dr. George Truman in a press release.

In McLean’s 33 years at Anson County Schools, he has served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal at multiple schools, associate superintendent, and now superintendent. He has degrees from Chowan Jr. College, Winthrop University, and East Carolina University.

In addition to his education and work in the school system, McLean’s qualifications also include numerous awards and recognitions such as Anson County Wachovia Principal of the Year 2002 and 2007, Certificate of Achievement; Emerging Trends Network for NC School Districts, Anson County Chamber of Commerce Vice-Chairperson (2018 –2019), Anson County Chamber of Commerce Chairperson (2020 –Present), and Anson County Chamber of Commerce Executive Board (2018 –Present).

For McLean, one pressing issue he wishes to address as superintendent is how to give every Anson County child a quality education, no matter their zip code or economic status.

“We got to come back to the table and find a way to reach the students we’re not reaching right now,” said McLean. “We just can’t simply use one method to reach our students, We have to use many strategies to try and accommodate as many kids as we possibly can. We’re not going to be able to reach them all, but we have to do our very best.”

In order to accomplish this goal, McLean has been working on a “100 Day Plan.” “In that 100-day plan,” said McLean, “I plan on meeting with my Board of Education members one on one to get to know them as people. If I know you as a person, we will have a better working relationship.”

McLean also plans on using the same approach with the Anson County Commissioners. “If they want to, I will meet with each of them one on one, I’m going to get to know them so, when we do business, I’ll know their personalities and it will go smoother.”

A plan to organize an advisory council made up of students, teachers, and parents is also in the works.

“The work that we have ahead of us,” said McLean, “it’s not going to be a one-man show, it can’t be. I’m going to need the input, from people like my students, to let me know what’s going on in the buildings, what’s we’re doing well, and what we could work on.”

This proposed council is not going to have the authority to hire or fire faculty or staff, but will have the superintendent’s ear and will meet with him at least quarterly, if not once a month, depending on McLean’s schedule.

“I’m going to give them a voice,” said McLean. “It’s going to make our journey a lot better if we do it together.”

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