LETTER: The offer still stands

To the editor:

A while back, I offered to pay for all rides out of America for all the people that preferred to go to Canada than have Trump for their president.

Well, well, well. I wonder why nobody said anything about going to Mexico?

Now let me answer my own question: It’s because they all know that’s where crime, drugs and murder are all allowed to exist. And the government in that country was the No. 1 model for Obama and Hillary.

Now I am offering to still pay for rides on planes, bus and trains for those that wish to leave, even if I have to borrow the money. Also, I will even help those that hitchhike out of America. Even they have to eat on their travel. I will pay for it all, even if they eat cheese crackers and Pepsi.

I will even be glad to pay for a New York steak in a fancy restaurant if they promise not to come back. It will be wonderful to see you all go.

But please, when you cross the border to Mexico, don’t look back, because you need to know that Hillary will never run again for president. And even if you decide to write to her, you may have to send all letters to a federal prison. That is, unless her millions do buy her out of it.

I only hope that our new president can drain the swamp in Washington, that way all the corrupt people that stood with Obama will not be able to buy their way out of crime.

At least that can be looked at by those that are doing their time for doing their crime. I rest my case.

Fred S. Caudle