Men, kids invited to Women’s Conference

By: By Natalie Davis -
Contributed photo The Women’s Conference in 2015 featured a variety of entertainment.

West Deep Creek Missionary Baptist Church will hold its annual women’s conference Jan. 13.

The topic this year is “Man, Woman, and Children: We are Family,” and will focus on a variety of issues to reach people in all walks of life.

“The overall mission is to bring the body of believers in Christ together in one place to teach, preach, and pray about anything,” said the Rev. Judy Little.

The married, single, separated, divorced and widowed conference is open to both women and men this year, according to Little.

“Men shared to me that they need teaching, preaching and prayer,” Little said.

According to Little, the components of the conference are different nationalities of believers of Christ, with life experiences, such as pastors, Sheriff Landric Reid, Wadesboro Chief of Police Thedis Spencer, teachers, community leaders, etc., who will give answers to questions.

Youth are also invited to share in the conference this year.

Little said that the youth component of the conference will be given by people who deal with youth daily, such as pastors, teachers, and the community leaders.

There will also be a panel of 10 who will answer questions that attendees may have about life.

“Like, you may want to know what do I do trying to work a job and raise a baby, something concerning life and problems that women have,” Little said.

“Anything to help women with life,” Little said. “Women may struggle secretly. You may have a number you want to pass on, a book. It’s just about dealing life issues. Like if someone is dealing with cancer, and someone wrote a book on it. It’s about empowering each other, different things going on.

“You think you’re the only one going through it,” she added. “You’d be surprised when we all get together — someone has the recipe that you need. That’s powerful, too; people get life instructions to deal with what they need.”

Little said that she estimates between 200-300 people will attend. The conference is also joining together with HOLLA! this year, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., before the conference begins.

“The conference has had between 200-300 for the last three years, and since HOLLA! was having, a parade for a good cause honoring MLK, it would be better to join together than to be scattered,” Little said.

“Somebody is to help you with that,” Little said. “There are so many things we keep hid in our church communities…. We’ve got everything we need, the main thing is coming together and sharing.”

Little said women from surrounding counties are invited to attend the conference, and that it is intended to help women of all races and from all walks of life. There will be a time for questions, worship, dancing, skits, teaching, preaching, a prayer balloon release, lunch and vendors.

The balloon release will be a time for women to silently pray before releasing the balloons.

“The balloons represent the prayer requests that are sent up to God in faith, that he will answer whatever problem is in your county, community or home,” Little said.

Reid supports the conference and contributes the balloons, according to Little.

“You will leave with overflowing information that will help you live a more fulfilling successful and inspiring life,” Little said.

The sponsors include, West Deep Creek Church, Reid, teachers, and communities leaders. Donated items include food and a gas tank for the balloons.

Little said that she starts planning for the next year after the conference ends, around February. She also said that it is because the conference is always the second Saturday in January.

“Let’s come together as believers in Christ to teach, preach and pray about anything,” Little said.

West Deep Creek Missionary Baptist Church is located at 4557 Deep Creek Rd. in Wadesboro. For more information, contact Little at 704-475-4904.

Contributed photo The Women’s Conference in 2015 featured a variety of entertainment. photo The Women’s Conference in 2015 featured a variety of entertainment.

By Natalie Davis