Kirby celebrates 105th birthday

WADESBORO — A parade was held at the Wadesboro Health and Rehabilitation Center last month on behalf of Pauline W. Kirby, who celebrated her 105th birthday on April 28.

Ann M. Robinson and Kirby’s family were grateful to everyone who took part in the event. First, they wanted to thank the staff of Wadesboro Health and Rehabilitation for all they’ve done. “They helped to put together a celebration we all will never forget in spit of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Robinson.

Robinson would also like to thank the members of the Anson County EMS, Anson Rescue Squad, Wadesboro Fire Department, Wadesboro Police Department, and Anson County Sheriff’s Office, for partaking in the parade held at the Center.

“We can not express how much joy it brought to our aunt, Mrs. Pauline Kirby, and her family,” said Robinson. “We thank you for all the love that was shown.”

“We thank god for blessing her to see her 105th birthday,” she continued, “and for allowing us to witness it.”

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Pauline W. Kirby celebrated her 105th birthday on April 28, 2020 W. Kirby celebrated her 105th birthday on April 28, 2020

Charles Wood

Staff Writer

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