LETTER: Connect N.C. bond deserves our support

To the editor:

As a former president of South Piedmont Community College and resident of Anson County, I would like to express my support for the Connect N.C. bond package that will be on the ballot as part of the primary election on March 15.

The bond will support a wide range of capital improvement projects across North Carolina including the North Carolina Community College System. SPCC will receive $3.2 million for much-needed repairs and renovations in both Anson and Union counties.

The bond funds allocated for SPCC for facility improvement in Anson County will not require matching funds. It should be noted that no tax increases would be necessary to finance the bond.

I would ask the residents of Anson County to give serious consideration to supporting the Connect N.C. bond package. For more specifics, go to www.connectnc.ncsu.edu.

Donald P. Altieri, Ed.D.


President emeritus, South Piedmont Community College